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Composite Restorations


What is a composite restoration and why would I need one?

A composite restoration is a tooth colored filling most often placed in a tooth as a result of dental decay (cavities). Tooth decay remains the most prevalent chronic disease in both children and adults.  Often, the best treatment for cavities is to have a composite restoration placed. A composite restoration provides a strong bond to natural teeth with minimal tooth removal. Timely placement of a composite restoration can help prevent pain, root canals, tooth loss, spreading of decay to other teeth, and other deleterious outcomes.

Why a tooth colored filling instead of a metal (amalgam, silver, or mercury) filling?

Composite restorations offer several advantages compared to amalgam (metal) fillings. The most obvious advantage is their color. Composite restorations look like natural teeth. Other advantages include a strong bond to natural teeth which helps prevent cracking in teeth that can occur with metal fillings. Composite fillings can frequently be completed with less tooth removal than amalgam fillings, which preserves more of your own natural tooth structure. 


If I need a filling, what will my experience be like?

Many people are anxious about dental visits, but that doesn’t need to be the case. Beck Family Dental is committed to helping you not only have a healthy beautiful smile, but also helping you have a pleasant experience with their friendly, reassuring staff. You will be greeted with a smile when you first check in. You will be asked to fill out any necessary paperwork, and then a dental assistant will seat you in a treatment room in a timely manner. The dental assistant will make sure to address any concerns or anxious feelings you may have. When you are ready, Dr. Beck will come in and make sure all your concerns have been addressed. He will then proceed to apply anesthetic to numb the necessary area. To make this more comfortable, a topical anesthetic (gel) will be applied to the area first, greatly reducing the discomfort experienced. Once the necessary area of the mouth is numb, Dr. Beck will proceed to fill the tooth. Most fillings can be finished in about 10-15 minutes. After the tooth is filled, Dr. Beck will make sure your bite is comfortable. When everything looks good and you are satisfied with the filling, you will check out at the front desk.

Dental caries, cavities, and dental fillings with bonding and composite
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