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Tooth Removal

Why is it sometimes necessary to remove teeth?

When a tooth cannot be fixed, it needs to be removed. Whether the tooth requires extraction because of overcrowding, decay, infection, or fracture, we will take care of it and will make every effort to keep you as comfortable as possible during the procedure.

Will I need to take time off of work for my extraction?

Most patients do very well following an extraction and experience mild to moderate discomfort. While some patients who have very little pain and discomfort are able to return to work the same day as the extraction, it is wise to plan on waiting until the following day after an extraction to return to work. Most patients do not require prescription strength medication or antibiotics. For nearly all patients, healing following an extraction occurs without complications. 


Are there any options for replacing teeth after they have been removed?

YES!  Dental implants, bridges, and partial or full dentures are all options for replacing teeth. To learn more about each of these options click on the links below. 

Dental Implants



Child smiling after tooth extraction
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