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Patient Comfort

We understand that the thought of going to the dentist often makes people feel very nervous and uneasy. At Beck Family Dental, alleviating these feelings and providing a positive, comfortable experience is our top priority. When patients first walk into our office they are greeted with a smile and offered a bottle of water, and when patients are seated for their procedures they are offered neck pillows and blankets. Before delivering any treatment, we ensure our patients feel at ease and are confident in the care they will be receiving. For children, we have coloring books for while they wait and a treasure chest full of toys for them to choose from at the end of their visit. By using modern equipment and techniques, including painless injection, we make procedures more comfortable and provide exceptional care. To help patients feel more at home while in our office, each dental operatory has large windows overlooking trees and bird feeders, where birds can almost always be seen. We also know our patients' time is valuable, and we work hard to limit the amount of time patients have to remain in the waiting area before being seen by a provider. Patients can trust that at Beck Family Dental they will receive excellent service in a comfortable, caring environment.

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